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Friday’s Links

Yes, it’s April 1st, which means it’s April Fool’s Day. Sorry, but I don’t have an April fool for you, just some awesome articles that I’ve read lately have either inspired me, motivated me, taught me something new, or made me think. Enjoy!

I’m off to Toronto for a week of visiting friends and renewing my aquaintance with the city again. I desperately need this vacation away. I’ve been using Chris Guillebeau’s excellent Travel Hacking Cartel to rack up some frequent flyer miles so I’m happy that I didn’t have to pay for this flight. If you haven’t checked out the Travel Hacking Cartel, you really should – especially now that they’ve added lots of new deals and their community forum. I’m learning tons of travel tips.

Have Inspired Me:

Tired Of Thinking Like An Ugly Sister? Step Into Your Cinderella Slippers and Rock! from A Different Kind of Work


Hell Yes You Should Quit Your Job from Corbett Barr


Accepting False Beliefs from Seth Godin’s Blog

Have Taught Me Something New:

How to Complete Your eBook Masterpiece – Even if You HATE Writing from Steve Scott Site

Have Motivated Me:

50 Things You Need to Give Up Today from Marc and Angel Hack Life

Have Made Me Think:

Your Dissatisfaction is a Gift from Illuminated Mind


10 Rules for Achieving Perfect Life/Work Balance from Location 180

What have you read this week that has inspired, motivated, taught and/or motivated you? Share with us!

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Friday’s Links

As you probably have noticed, I’ve been MIA for a while. I’ve been dealing with some personal and family issues lately. Things have calmed down a little on this end so you should be seeing me post more often (knock on wood).

Even though I haven’t been in the right mindset to post positive articles doesn’t mean that I haven’t been reading some great stuff on my RSS Reader.

Here are some fantastic articles that have inspired me and made me think (or in some cases, re-think some of my beliefs). Enjoy!

Have made me think (or re-think):

Computer Effort Is Not Enough from Mind Adventure


How to Recognize an Idea Worth Pursuing from Prolific Living

And (a two-fer from Seth Godin):

Are You Making Something? from Seth Godin’s Blog

Reject the Tyranny of Being Picked: Pick Yourself from Seth Godin’s Blog


When Pride Gets in the Way of Success from The Simple Dollar

Have inspired me:

New Series: How to Stay Serene When Faced With…Life from Insanely Serene


How to Deal with Your ‘Get a REAl Job’ Devil from Powered By Intuition



12 Steps to Make a Dream a Reality from Marc and Angel Hack Life


The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Effortlessly Overcoming Unworthiness from Wake Up Cloud

What awesome, inspiring, thoughtful, entertaining, enlightening and wonderful articles have you read lately? Share with us!

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Something To Think About – Uniqueness


Because I needed to hear/read this tonight and thought that maybe you needed to read this, too:

Challenges come in the form of questions. In this case, you know the questions. They aren’t new. You’ve thought of them during some dark night, when you just couldn’t sleep.

Why are you here on earth?

What’s different about you, from anybody else?

Why are your fingerprints unlike anyone else’s on the face of the earth, or in the total course of history?

You know the questions.

And you know the answers.

Actually, it’s just one answer, and it all comes down to this: the world has never seen anyone quite like you before, and it will never see another You again.

And there is something you have to contribute to this world that the world needs from You, no matter how small or unimportant you may think you are, in the grand scheme of things.

You were born, you are breathing, you are here, because there is something you have to contribute to the world that world really really needs. At least in that place, at least in this time, at least with your style, at least with your character and stamp upon it.

Someone needs you.

Someone’s life has been, and will be, better because of you. Maybe many many “somebody”s.

Be you a health care professional, or a scientist, or engineer, or techie, or digger of ditches, it doesn’t matter. The world needs all these things, but animated specifically by your spirit, your brains, your personality, beneath and in it all.

Your purpose in life isn’t just a mattter of what kind of work you do.

It’s a matter of who you are, what kind of person you are, and whether you choose to be the best You that you can possibly be, or not.

– Richard N. Bolles, What Color Is Your Parachute?

Just Something To Think About.

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